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Refund Policies

Get a refund on App Store purchases

The good news is that you can request a refund for any Certificate, app, book, movie, TV show or music purchased from the App Store within the last 90 days, regardless of whether you made the purchase on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

The bad news, is that this is only a request. UKB doesn’t have an automated, no-questions-asked refund policy, so you’ll need to wait for customer service to review your request and deliver their verdict.

Typically, you’ll only get your money back if you’re experiencing a serious, legitimate problem with the item in question. If you’re after a refund for a game you’ve lost interest in, or because you didn’t realise War and Peace was quite that long when you downloaded it, then you might be out of luck. If you’re requesting a refund due to technical problems, then also be prepared for customer service to advise you to get in touch with the item’s developers, rather than offering you a full refund.

Some members of the UKB community have reported getting refunds after stating that an item didn’t meet their expectations, although in the interests of being fair to the item’s creator(s) you should always be honest about the problems you’re experiencing.

To request a refund for any item purchased through the App Store:

  • Head over to UKB’s Report a Problem page and log in using your UKB ID.
  • This page lists all your recent purchases, broken down into categories. Find the item in question, and then click its accompanying ‘Report a Problem’ button.
  • Open the dropdown menu, and select the item that most accurately describes why you’re requesting a refund.