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About us

Policy, Liability and Impartiality About us

Certification Services, Liability & Impartiality


Our accredited certification services are available to all client organisations within the accredited scope and operated in a non-discriminatory manner with zero toleration of undue financial or other conditions offered as a method of discrimination.


The Impartiality Committee is comprised of members who are selected from among those interests involved in certification and can collectively represent a balanced view without any dominating interest.

The Impartiality Committee is responsible for the performance of certification activities by approving certification policy and monitoring its implementation, which is implemented by our Managing Director and all of our employees.


SC-UK does not provide management consultancy. This applies to all SCI operations that are part of the same legal entity (offices) and those that are covered by license agreement (agencies).

All SC local operations are required to complete an impartiality declaration as part of their License agreement prior to commencing their working relationship within the SC-UK Group.

All relationships in existence with any member of the SC Group must be declared to SC-UK for review and analysis relating to any threat to impartiality in SC-UK provision of assessment and certification services. Such information will be presented to the SC-UK Impartiality Committee for further review and analysis.

The term ‘relationship’ in this instance must be applied as something that has legal foundation, with longevity and traceable origin (such as auditable accounts or Companies House records). It cannot be a tenuous or temporary link (such as external independent sub-contractors who work for many organisations and invoice individually through their own non-related companies for services rendered and who are not guaranteed the provision of outsourced work).

When a relationship is deemed to pose an unacceptable threat to impartiality, then certification will not be provided to any organisation affected by this threat.

What we don’t do:

  • Certify another certification body for its management system certification activities
  • Knowingly be marketed or offered as linked by any organisation that provides management system consultancy. Appropriate action will be taken where this situation is identified, particularly if this includes inappropriate claims by that organisation that our services will be favorable in terms of simplicity, ease, cost or speed if approached through that consultancy organisation
  • State or imply that our services will be favorable in terms of simplicity, ease, and cost or speed if a particular consultancy organisation is used
  • Provide internal audits to its certified clients
  • Not certify a management system on which it provided internal audits for a minimum of two years following the completion of the internal audits
  • Certify the management system of a client for a minimum of two years following
  • the end of the consultancy services provided by a body with a relationship to SC-UK.

What we do:

  • Require all personnel whether directly employed by us, or through an agreement or contract with us, to declare any situation known to them that may be a conflict of interest in performing their duties
  • Appraise our finances and sources of income and periodically demonstrate to the Governing Board and Impartiality Committee that commercial, financial or other pressures have not compromised our impartiality.

Audit Processes

Our sustainability management system describes our operating processes. The system operates by firstly understanding our stakeholder needs and then planning how these will be satisfied. The elements of different Certification Services are then created and sold in combinations that match the customer’s needs and the level of management system maturity. The solution is then delivered as planned before business results of effectiveness and efficiency are reviewed and any improvements actioned. This sustainability cycle is supported by key support processes that cover the management of IT, people, partners and money. SC-UK does not have any processes where the service /product cannot be tested before use by the customer.