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Equipment Manufacturing Servicesmanufacturing

Ensuring the conformity of your global industrial supply chain with national, regional and international regulations is vital in order to access key markets and deliver safe and quality products. 

As your suppliers multiply and disperse throughout the world, assuring that your equipment and machinery are in conformity, safe and of high quality becomes an increasingly complex task to achieve. 

Ensure conformity, quality and safety of your global industrial supply chain

UKB has a comprehensive suite of Equipment Manufacturing Services for the entire manufacturing process.  With our global network of experts, we can ensure the conformity, quality and safety of your equipment and machinery (pipes, boilers, generators, pumps, turbines, rotating & lifting equipment, etc.), throughout the world. 

Access Global Markets with Industrial Product Certification Services

We can provide Certification of Industrial Products with our expert knowledge of local and global regulations and worldwide network of trained professionals to guide you through the certification process.

From components and equipment to assembled assets and industrial facilities, UKB has the capabilities to meet your industrial certification challenges.  

Supply Chain Services to deliver on-time and in-conformity

With our full range of Supply Chain Services, UKB can provide technical assistance, inspection and expediting services to ensure your supply chains produce quality products with zero material defects and are in conformance with applicable rules and regulations.