Why UK Bureau of Certifications?

Certification can be a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your product or service meets the expectations of your customers. For some industries, certification is a legal or contractual requirement. ISO does not perform certification At ISO, they develop International Standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, but they are not involved in their certification, and do not issue certificates. This is performed by external certification bodies, like UKB, an Accreditation Company, further accredited by a Global Accreditation Body, in our case, the Global Alliance of Accreditation Societies.standards

However ISO's Committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO) has produced a number of standards related to the certification process, which are used by certification bodies. Read more about CASCO Standards. Once success is defined, we can ensure that our ISO business solution delivers on your success criteria. We examine and outline your businesses key activities in relation to your clients’ requirements. Our ISO assessors will then agree reasonable outcomes and delivery dates with you. No doubt, it is UK's number 1 choice for ISO Certification.

Our certification process

It's quick and easy to achieve your GAAS-accredited ISO certification and start winning new business.


Your dedicated Auditor will be in touch to go through the audit plan in preparation for your Stage 1 assessment.

Stage 1 assessment

There’s no pressure for the first assessment; many are surprised what they already have in place following this visit. The report issued will highlight the next steps you need to take to achieve your certification.

Stage 2 assessment

When you’re ready, your Auditor will visit again to establish if your management systems and processes meet the requirements of the standard. You'll be advised of the Auditor's recommendations on the day which will be ratified by our Compliance department, and your certification will be issued following the decision.

Annual assessment

The excellent reputation of ISO standards is driven by their requirement for ongoing improvement, so we will keep in touch and arrange annual assessments to keep your certification up-to-date.